Artwork Description

“Resonate 2015” is a new media dance performance based on light installation, real-time interactive images, electric sounds, wearable devices and modern dance. The work pivots upon the imagination of the connection between future technologies and humans, and dives deep into various emotional states of humans such as calmness, restlessness, anxiety, or even mental breakdown through technology. Also, helped along by wearable devices and the transmission of information flow, technological devices are rendered able to sense human emotions and create self-action, a type of action that is inconsistent and interwoven with human cognition, reactions, and actions.

Mixed with elements such as light installation, real-time interactive images, electric sounds, wearable devices, the work sparks overlapping sentiments of rationality and sentimentality along with the performer. In this performance, light installation is another performer. It can lights follow electric sounds and interact with the dancer.

The performer wear the Myo armband which is a wearable gesture control and motion control device. She will get hers EMG(Electromyography) data and send the data to the main system to control electric sounds and led light in real-time.

Acting like a scanner, the specially-designed hand-held wireless LED lamps cast light on the dancers, instantly creating images of body transformation in the digital world. The presentation is both an application of technology and a deprivation of human privacy.


Program & Installation | Bing-Hua Tsai
Sound Design | Wei-Jen Shih
Mapping & Wireless sensor | Chia-Hsiang Lee
Performance | Shao-Ting Lin